Affordable & Accessible Healthcare Will Save Both Lives & Money — So Why Is Knollenberg Against It?

February 28, 2007

Affordable & Accessible Healthcare Will Save Both Lives & Money — yet Joe Knollenberg does has not supported any programs that will make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

The Washington Post reported on a tragic case where a child’s parents couldn’t afford to pay a Dentist to have a tooth extracted and the abcess in the tooth spread to the child’s brain and killed him.

Not only did an innocent child die needlessly, anyone who says that the US cannot afford to provide universal healthcare would be wise to consider the financial toll of this case.

According to the Washington Post, the tooth extraction would have cost $80.

Instead, after the abcess had spread, the child spent 6 weeks in the hospital and had two surgeries to try to fight off the infection in his brain at a cost of over $250,000.

So for those with a cold heart who say that as a Country we can’t afford universal healthcare, ask whether we can continue to afford not to have it.

So for those with a cold heart who say that as a Country we can’t afford universal healthcare, ask whether we can continue to afford not to have it.

And where is Joe Knollenberg on this topic, well the only thing Joe has proposed is to give a $200 tax credit to the employer of the dead child’s parents if they go to a seminar on how to quit smoking. Joe’s plan wouldn’t have done a thing to help that poor kid.

Knollenberg’s “healthcare” plan is not about solving the healthcare crisis in this country, it is about giving taxpayer money out to companies as a favor to wealthy lobbyists who in turn fill his campaign coffers and take him on luxurious vacations.


Knollenberg’s Proposed "Solution" for Healthcare is Woefully Inadequate

February 28, 2007

The Detroit News is reporting that health care costs are going to skyrocket for GM — reaching $1,904 per vehicle by 2008. Ford comes in at about half that with costs for healthcare predicted to be $969 per vehicle.

In reality, health care costs have been skyrocketing for years now. The same article in the News also shows that the costs projected for 2008 are more than double the cost of healthcare in 1999.

We all know that these costs and other legacy costs such as pension plans are a large burden on the domestic auto industry. These are costs that make them less able to compete because the off-shore companies don’t have those same liabilities.

Knollenberg’s Proposed Healthcare Solution

Joe Knollenberg recently proposed his plan for healthcare — he proposed to give companies $200 in tax credits if they hold a seminar for their employees on topics like stopping smoking or the dangers of obesity.

Knollenberg proposes that the tax credit be given to companies even if the company does not offer health care insurance to their employees.

All they have to do is have someone from the local health department come out and give a talk for a few minutes, and voila! the company gets a $200 tax credit.

Now, some of you reading this may think I’m joking. I’m not. Here is a link to the proposed bill.

Oh, and lest you think Knollenberg thought this all up by himself, don’t be silly.

Knollenberg only does what wealthy lobbyists like Jack Abramoff tell him to do. In this case, this “preventative” plan — which is really nothing more than Corporate Welfare — was devised by extreme right wing think tanks like the The Heritage Foundation, the Galen Instiute, the National Center for Policy Analysis, and the American Enterprise Institute.

Certainly preventative medicine is a critical component of a strong health care system. In fact, I would agree that it is important to have enough Dr’s trained in that field to provide such care. But they are not likely seeing the uninsured.

And giving your company $200 to have you sit through a seminar that was given to the company for no charge isn’t part of a strong health care system. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

Here goes Joe again. Coming up with a solution to something that isn’t a problem. There is no crisis of a lack of seminars in the workplace.

There is a healthcare crisis in this Country

Joe Knollenberg has done nothing to address it.

The real solution is universal healthcare coverage for all Americans and preventative medicine should have an important role in a comprehensive system of health care.

Knollenberg Ignores His Constituents & Supports Bush’s Escalation of the War in Iraq

February 26, 2007

Once again we see Joe (“NoNo”) Knollenberg blindly obeying the commands of George Bush and ignoring the interests and concerns of the vast majority of his constituents.

Like his friend George Bush, Knollenberg has been steadfast and resolute in his support for the escalation of the war in Iraq. Knollenberg not only sides with Bush on the issue, but he refuses to even meet with his constituents to discuss it.

In fact, as we approach the 5th anniversary of “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq, we note that Knollenberg has not held a single community or townhall meeting on the issue of the Iraq War. Not a single meeting. Not once has he ever publicly invited constituents to a meeting to discuss the Iraq War. Never.

It isn’t as though he has been busy on the matter in Washington. He has never, ever called a hearing about the Iraq War there either.

A poll in today’s Washington Post shows that the vast majority of Americans think Bush and Knollenberg are wrong. According to the Post/ABC News poll, 67% of Americans disapprove of the way Bush and Knollenberg are handling the war in Iraq.

That means that 2 out of every 3 Americans disapprove of the way Bush and Knollenberg are handling the war in Iraq.

The Post/ABC poll also shows that the majority of Americans disapprove of the way Bush & Knollenberg are handling terrorist threats and the economy.

But Bush & Knollenberg just continue down the same failed path — they are both steadfast and resolute. They are wrong, but they are steadfast and resolute.

The bad news is that the war in Iraq has been more than just a series of unfortunate disasters, and Joe Knollenberg has not taken a single step to turn the situation around.

The good news is that by making his positions and his record more available to voters, he won’t stand a chance at re-election in 2008.

Visit the Retire Joe Knollenbeg web site

February 26, 2007

There’s a new web site aimed at keeping those that want to retire Joe Knollenberg from his 9th District seat in 2008. Please visit and sign up for our e-mail list and spread the word to others that support the cause of a Democratic Congress person for the 9th Congressionsal District of Michigan.

Welcome One and All

February 25, 2007

I want to invite everyone in the 9th District to join us in our discussion about the issues that face the voters of this District.

We welcome your comments regardless of whether you agree or disagree with our positions.

Between now and November 2008 we will present information to the voters in this District about Knollenberg’s activities (and lack of activities) in Congress so that you will have the information necessary to make an informed decision when you go to vote in November 2008.

We will report on how even though the 9th District is overwhelmingly against Bush’s escalation of the war in Iraq, Knollenberg is supporting it. We will give you links to his voting record and his statements on the issue so that you can see for yourself whether he is representing your interests or the special interests of lobbyists like Jack Abramoff.

We’ll tel l you what he does and what he doesn’t do. For example, in the area of healthcare, Knollenberg supports giving tax payer money to Corporations offer to give their workers seminars on health issues — even though the company doesn’t offer healthcare benefits to their employees.

We will be giving you information on the people and organizations and special interests that have contributed large amounts of money to Joe Knollenberg’s campaign and how Knollenberg repaid them with legislation that would guarantee them millions of dollars in government contracts.

For example, we will give you the facts on how Knollenberg inserted a provision into federal law that would have required Amtrak to purchase $8 million in equipment from a company whose owner is one of Knollenberg’s biggest campaign contributors. (See, New York Times, December 11, 2005.)

Farmington Eccentric: War Protestors turn up heat on Knollenberg

February 23, 2007

War protesters turn up heat on Knollenberg
By Sue Buck Staff Writer
A group of 35 protesters braved a nasty wind chill Thursday to call for an end to the Iraq War.
They lined up in front of U.S. Congressman Joe Knollenberg’s (R-Bloomfield Hills) office on Northwestern Highway in Farmington Hills Thursday and hand-delivered letters with the message, “You’re the decider.”
The letters, part of a national letter-writing campaign, urge Knollenberg not only to vote against the president’s plan but also to stop the president from escalating the war.They never met with Knollenberg but spoke to his aides in the hallway.“This event follows on the heels of Republicans in the Senate, once again, blocking debate and a vote on a non-binding resolution opposing the president’s escalation,” said Bruce Fealk, a organizer.Trent Wisecup, chief of staff for Knollenberg, responded with Knollenberg’s views in a prepared statement.”Congressman Knollenberg’s patience with the Iraq war is growing thin,” Wisecup said. “He wants to see our troops return home as soon as possible. But he wants them to come home in victory, not defeat.”Now that the election is over, it’s time for the politics to end and the bipartisan statesmanship to begin, he said.“Democrats and Republicans voted to authorize this war in 2002, including Hillary Clinton,” Wisecup said. “Democrats and Republicans will have to work together to find a solution to Iraq. This can’t be a partisan issue any longer. We have too much at stake in Iraq. It’s time to put America and our troops first and leave the politics for last.”Wisecup said that Knollenberg “stands ready to work with Democrats to find a solution.”He also slammed as “nothing more than a radical liberal organization that is determined to score political points.”“They should be ashamed of themselves for playing politics when we have tens of thousands of brave men and women fighting for America in Iraq.”
Thursday’s rally in Farmington Hills was one of more than 225 events nationwide.Fealk complained that Knollenberg continues to ignore requests from his constituents to meet with him.“If the president won’t listen to the people, Congress must stop the escalation and bring our troops home,” Fealk said.
A survey members did their own survey in downtown Birmingham during the last two weekends. Of 531 people interviewed, 77 percent of the respondents did not support sending more troops to Iraq.Birmingham was chosen because this is an area where the core of Knollenberg’s constituents are Republicans, said Fealk, a Rochester resident.

Joe Knollenberg out of touch with constituents

February 22, 2007

A group of about 35 Oakland County residents were at Joe Knollenberg’s office today to deliver a photo peition regarding the issues that are important to them and letters addressed to Congressman Knollenberg voicing their disapproval of his vote in the House of Representatives regarding the nonbinding resolution on the war in Iraq.

Shawn Ciavattone, Mr. Knollenberg’s staffer in his Farmington Hills office, refused to let the protestors into the office and would only speak to them in the hallway outside of Mr. Knollenberg’s office. Mr. Knollenberg has consistently refused to meet with constituents on prior occasions.

Mr. Knollenberg apparently forgotten who he works for and who pays his salary. members recently did a survey on the issue of the escalation war in Iraq in which 77% of respondents in Birmingham, a Republican stronghold and the core of Mr. Knollenberg’s district, were against the escalation of the war. Clearly Mr. Knollenberg is out of step with voters in his district.

Oh No! Here Goes Joe With More Corporate Welfare!

February 20, 2007

OMG. This just goes to show how out of touch Joe Knollenberg is with his constituents.

Knollenberg wants to give tax breaks to companies if they will hold seminars on things like smoking and weightloss. Knollenberg proposes giving taxpayer money to companies to hold such seminars. There is no requirement that those companies offer healthcare to their employees — they can make money just by giving seminars.

Gosh, maybe Joe Knollenberg has a relative or friend who just started a company that gives these seminars.

In HR 853, even Knollenberg’s colleagues recognize this as a waste of time and energy to even consider. He has no co-sponsors and the bill will likely never even be discussed in committee.

If this is what Knollenberg thinks is the most pressing issue about health care he is not only out of touch with his constituents, but out of touch with reality.

* Going to a seminar about not smoking isn’t going to help an employee afford healthcare for their family.

* Going to a seminar about not smoking isn’t going to make their child’s asthma medication any less expensive.

Instead, Knollenberg’s plan just gives another tax break to companies.

Knollenberg‘s plan doesn’t solve any problems. It just wastes taxpayer money.

Knollenberg‘s plan takes money out of taxpayers pockets and gives it to his Corporate friends.

Rather than work on something useful like assuring affordable health care for everyone or coming up with a program that would take the costs of health care off the backs of our auto industry, Knollenberg wants to give taxpayer money back to his big corporate friends.

Knollenberg Rebukes 9th District Voters with His Unwavering Support of Bush’s War in Iraq

February 18, 2007

By an overwhelming majority, Congress sent a message to President Bush that under the new leadership of the House, they were not going to take a ‘hands off” or “wait and see attitude” about the Iraq War anymore.

Even in the face of enormous pressure from the Republican leadership and the BUSH/CHENEY Whitehouse, 17 Republicans joined with the majority Democrats to let the President know that their consituents were fed up with the way the BUSH/CHENEY cabal were mismanaging the war.

Unfortunately, the wishes of the majority of voters in Michigan’s 9th District were once again ignored by Joe Knollenberg. Instead of representing his District, Joe Knollenberg chose to rubberstamp whatever BUSH & CHENEY wanted.

Help Retire Joe Knollenberg

February 16, 2007

Help Retire Joe Knollenberg 2008 is going to be the year the we retire Joe Knollenberg (R) from Michigan’s 9th Congressional district. Joe said he would only serve two terms when he took office, well, he’s been in Congress for 7 terms. It’s time for Joe to retire, so we’re going to help him.Your contribution will go to whoever the Democratic nominee is for the 2008 Congressional cycle and will help to fund a successful campaign to put a Democrat in Joe’s seat. The Democratic Campaign Committee has already targeted Joe Knollenberg and your contribution will convince them to support the nominee for this seat.We will be holding retirement parties across the district. Look for parties in your area and contribute generously.Make your generous contribution here:

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by April of ’08